‚Arabian Horse‘ magazine no. 2/2018 is now available!

From the content:

  • 30 years of Sax Arabians – „I want to do what I want to do“ (by Gudrun Waiditschka)
  • Aljassimya Amateur Challenge – Judging System for Amateurs with Positive Side Effect (by Emma Maxwell)
  • Nat. & Intern. Championship in Wels – Diamonds Forever (by Gudrun Waiditschka)
  • Food for Thought – The Pity Scam (by Gudrun Waiditschka)
  • Distance sport in the review – No improvement in sight
  • Training the Endurance Horse IV – Basic Training (by Nelly Philippot)
  • Open House at La Movida, EMAJ, Al Guwa

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