HANAN – The Story of an Arabian Mare…

Dr. Hans Joachim Nagel graduated as social economist but has spent all his working life in the field of animal husbandry. For more than 40 years he has been involved with the development of modern animal breeding techniques in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In the late 50s his business took him to Babolna, the Hungarian State stud. There he met for the first time the Arabian horse. Later he went to Egypt and met again the Arabian horse in El Zahraa, the Egyptian State Stud. It was in the days of Morafic and Moniet El Nefous, when the influence of Nazeer was still in the ascendant. There he felt in love with the filly Hanan and in 1967 he bought her, together with Mahiba and Marah.
This book is the distillation of thirty years’ experience of breeding at the highest international level and goes to the heart of the question that is foremost for every breeder: What am I trying to achieve? It is neither exclusive nor obsessional. It is the remarkable work of a man who is passionate in his beliefs.

„HANAN – The Story of an Arabian Mare and of the Arabian Breed by Hans Joachim Nagel“

Translation: Betty Finke
published 1998, hardcover, 276 pages with more than 150 photos,
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